Glass, Scenic, Capsule, Observation Elevator

The observation elevator puts the cab on the outside of the building. Glass walled elevator cars allow passengers to view the cityscape or the building’s atrium as they travel.

A panoramic lift adds functionality to a building and enhances its aesthetics. It is normally installed on the outside or on the inside of malls, offices or luxury buildings, enabling passengers to have eye contact with the surroundings or communal areas, even when the car is in motion.

DELSP offers a wide range of glass panoramic cars, appropriate for the aesthetical appearance and architecture of every building. Where there is no machine room space, a metallic structure can be installed to support the installation of a panoramic elevator.

The technical characteristics of this type of elevator are determined on a case-by-case basis. You can contact us to receive information and guidance with a view to making the best possible decision, which will address your own needs perfectly , in accordance with the building specifications.