Dumbwaiter (Small Goods Lift)

Dumbwaiter is used widely in kitchens, offices, hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, storehouses or other places for transferring food, cooking utensils, raw materials, office files etc.

with compact in design, the service-elevator is also extremely robust and as such is noted for its reliability; Made of stainless steel, not affected by steam, hot food, water, etc. Driven by traction machine. Each floor with one calling landing.

Our company offers personalized dumbwaiter design, installation, and service for your dumbwaiter elevator. Offering the best quality dumbwaiter lifts at a fair price equals satisfied and happy customers. Our customers have peace of mind knowing they can depend on their equipment and our company!

DELSP offers many options for different situations. Depending on the application, the dumbwaiter systems are tailored to best suit the users. Dumb waiter lifts are perfect solutions for universities, clinics, libraries, labs, or restaurants.