Upgrade your old elevators’ worn out parts with speedy adjustment & replacements:


For long-used or old elevators which need to be modernized and upgrading, DELSP offer speedy adjustment and replacements, at time and ways which cause minimum running interruption to end-users.

Our comprehensive modernization process includes:

  • – Creative project scheduling to minimize down time
  • – Proven quality manufactured equipment
  • – Custom interiors and finishes

The performance and appearance of a modernized elevator can significantly add to the value of your property, while enhancing the comfort, confidence of the building’s owners. Upgrading the look of your elevator with an aesthetically pleasing new cab interior makes it much more welcoming for passengers.

But, there are other compelling reasons for modernization of your elevators. Primary among them, is when the age of your equipment begins to cause problems parts becoming obsolete and/or the safety of the passengers becoming a concern.

Should modernization of your equipment be needed, our highly skilled technicians provide the highest quality of work and we will accommodate your schedule to limit any down time there may be to a minimum.

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