Maintenance and Repair

Hire our trained & skilled team to ensure your building and passengers’ safety at unbeatable price.

Maintenance and Repair

For reliable and safe elevator equipment, you need to thoroughly and routinely refresh its maintenance, As per current condition of you building, DELSP sets up a customized plan, communicate it with you and make sure to execute it with full integrity.

Our technicians are skilled, educated and trained and know all the technical requirements to deliver operational efficiency.

Why you need to Avail Maintenance Services?

If elevators are not properly maintained, your multistory building is at greater risk. Low maintained equipment leads to operating expenses and put security on risk.

System failure and malfunction are caused due to poor maintenance. Ultimately, repairing costs are increased while equipment lifespan is decreased.

Low maintenance lead to increase in injury risk, safety hazards and riders entrapment.

Tripping hazards are caused if doors of un-level floors are open. Dysfunctional fire service leads to prolong response time in case of emergency and put lives of personnel and other people at greater risk.

We offer:

  • • Our Maintenance Service Pack
  • • Equipment Protection and Preservation against environmental factors.
  • • Periodic inspections and cleaning.
  • • Analyzing all electro-mechanical component
  • • Maintenance of Consumables and Spare Parts
  • • Maintenance of mechanical components and lubricants

Let our professional installation team help you through this process. Our number one focus is designing, manufacturing, and installing your elevator in the safest and most efficient way possible.

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